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Frequently Asked Questions About Lucas DD WSIP

Workplace Sustainability Incentive Program (WSIP) Q&A


  • Why is the Lucas County Board funding this program?
    • It is important that we continue to empower providers during this current workforce crisis. This initiative, however, is only one piece of the solution we hope the WSIP program can be a solution while we continue to work with partners on long-term solutions to the DSP crisis.


  • Can only Agency Providers apply?  
    • Currently all supports under the WSIP program are for DODD Certified Agency Providers


  • What Supports are there under the (WSIP)?
    • There are currently 6 programs:
      • DSP NEW HIRE TRAINING   DODD certified agencies who hired and maintained a new DSP staff up to 180 days prior to the month of the submission can apply for a one time per each new DSP reimbursement at a flat rate of $700.
      • NURSING GRANT FUNDS   DODD certified agencies that employ nursing services can apply for up to 30% of the gross payroll costs or contracted personnel costs associated with nursing services incurred (these nursing services cannot be reimbursable by any other grant or program, such as Medicaid Waiver Nursing or Waiver Delegated Nursing through the Department of Medicaid).
      • DSP LONGEVITY ADD-ON*   DSP’s who are actively employed by a DODD certified DODD waiver agency and meet eligibility for the Add On (must have at least two years full time working in the DD field and have completed 60 hours of CEUs through Direct Course) can apply to be reimbursed for a one-time $900 to cover the cost of the employee’s time completing the coursework (this does not apply for adult day/employment service providers).
      • STUDENT WORK INCENTIVE   DSP’s who are employed by a DODD Certified Waiver Agency and are enrolled in an approved College or University and work a minimum of 200 hours per semester (spring or fall) in Lucas County, are eligible to apply for a one-time $1,000 towards their respective college tuition paid directly to the institution the following semester.
      • HALF TIME REIMBURSEMENT* DODD Certified Waiver Agencies can apply to be reimbursed for half time portion of overtime paid to DSP’s due to the DSP workforce crisis (this does not apply for adult day/employment service providers).
      • BACKGROUND CHECK REIMBURSEMENT  DODD Certified Waiver Agencies can apply for cost reimbursement for Background BCI/FBI costs for new hires (new 2023 hires).


  • Can Agencies only apply for one program? 
    • Agencies are not limited to apply for just one program.  If several situations are applicable to an organization any and all of those that apply can be included in the application.
    • Only one application per month per DODD Certified Agency Provider will be accepted


  • What are the timelines for applications to be submitted and processed?
    • Applications are taken on a first come first serve basis
    • Applications should be submitted by the 15th of the following month
    • Requests will be reviewed for approval within 2 weeks of receipt with supporting documentation.
    • Checks will be issued from Lucas County.



  • What supporting documentation is needed to qualify for each program?
    • Supporting documentation lists for each program’s criteria can be found on the full Workforce Sustainability Incentive Program description document and on the Workforce Sustainability Incentive Program Reimbursement Form.
    • These documents can be submitted with the completed Reimbursement Form to speed up the review and approval process.


  • How do I get added as a vendor/How do I know if am already listed as a vendor in Lucas County?
    • Providers who are not currently in the Lucas County system as a vendor are encouraged to begin the process right away so there is no delay in reimbursement.
    • Here is the link and instructions to start the vendor creation process on the Lucas County Auditor website:
      • Please see the instructions below to register your business
        • Click on finance in red section list
        • Click on Supplier Registration
        • Scroll down to Supplier Portal
        • Complete a current W-9
        • Complete Master Supplier Form and upload
        • Scroll down on the page to Link to Register your Business
          • *this is where you will upload your completed W-9 and the master supplier form [Attach them to the attachments plus sign icon (highlighted)].  
    • It does not appear there is a self-service way of checking the county portal of vendors to verify you are registered.  
      • 1)  If you think you are a registered vendor please reach out to us with your information (vendor name, address, contact name and info) for our Buyer to be able to contact the County and verify.
      • 2)  If you have received any payments/reimbursements from the county in the recent past (i.e. for Individual budgets) this likely would indicate you are already set up as a vendor. However, it you haven’t received any payments in a while, it would be a good idea to confirm all of the information is up to date.


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