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Finding Funds

An online resource of available grants and directory of local and nationwide organizations to help secure funding not always covered by insurance plans.

Grant and Funding Sources

The iTaalk Autism Foundation maintains a database of more than 650 organizations that offer grants and funding. You can search the database for grants that pertain to a certain diagnosis, a particular therapy, a piece of equipment or even resources that are state-specific. For more information, reach out Tammy Eisenreich, Vice President of iTaalk and Parent Support for the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities, via email at or by phone at 419-356-3824.

Access this database by clicking here.

Grant Workshop Wednesday$

On the last Wednesday of every month, the Board's Tammy Eisenreich profiles a different parent, family, or organization that helps families find funding for specialized schooling, alternative therapies, summer camp, respite, sensory items, home modifications and other items not covered by medical insurance.

The live event can be accessed via Zoom.

Check the Board calendar to find out who that month's guest will be. 

Click here to watch all episodes of GWW.


May's workshop featured a conversation with Toledo area parent Monica Shaffer

April's workshop featured a conversation with Meghan Hawkins, Program Director for A Kid Again's Northern Ohio Chapter.

March's workshop featured a conversation with Elizabeth Maher, a Toledo area speech pathologist

February's workshop featured a conversation with AngelSense

January's workshop featured a conversation with Toledo area parent Renee Palacios


December's workshop featured a conversation with Lilly's Voice

November's workshop featured a conversation with The Megan Weisenbach Foundation

October's workshop featured a conversation with The Jiselle Lauren Foundation

September's workshop featured a conversation with iTaalk Autism Foundation

August's workshop featured a conversation with Special Spaces Toledo

July's workshop featured a conversation with Aubrey Rose Foundation

June's workshop featured a conversation with Small Steps in Speech

May's workshop featured a conversation with Community Fund Ohio

April’s workshop featured a conversation with Avenues for Autism

March’s workshop featured a conversation with NWO Apraxia Support

February’s workshop featured a conversation with Project iAm

January’s workshop featured a conversation with Parker’s Purpose

Grants Lists

ADS grants Grants specifically for Autism Spectrum Disorder

General Grant List List of websites/organizations with grants for special needs

Grants with no age cap List of grants for individuals with special healthcare needs with no age cap

7 Tips (+ grant sources) to Help You Attain an iPad

List of Wish Granting Organization

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