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Individual Seeking Provider Profiles

Individuals served by the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities often look for providers of services and support. These individuals may need ongoing services or help with a one-time project.

Lucas DD understands the challenges in addressing various forms of communication and provider searches. Our intent is to provide communication by using the Lucas DD website or email method the individual/family has requested. Your privacy is important to us and we want you to be aware there is an inherent risk with any form of communication via internet, cloud, cellular, and other electronic communication platforms and HIPAA compliance is not guaranteed - this means that your information could be shared or intercepted while using these electronic communication methods. Lucas DD invites only those are who are certified by DODD to provide the services requested. Individual / Guardian consents to allowing the SSA to post a provider search to the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities website or using email communication to obtain bids for services to address assessed needs. This consent is valid for one year.

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