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Lucas DD Workplace Sustainability Incentive Program

Lucas DD Workplace Sustainability Incentive Program Graphic

Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Lucas DD) is investing $1,000,000 in our providers to offset increased costs due to the DSP shortage. As a member of our local provider community, Providers are at the forefront of the ongoing DSP staffing crisis. Providers and DSPs are working every day to make sure people are healthy, safe, and receiving the services they need. Lucas DD recognizes and appreciates the incredible work being done by our DSPs and our providers.

It is important that we continue to empower providers during this time, so we are introducing an initiative to help offset increased costs of responding to the current staffing crisis. In addition to marketing open positions through Lucas DD website, Lucas DD is introducing a Workforce Sustainability Incentive Program for agency providers for non-Medicaid reimbursable costs as highlighted below.

Reimbursement can be requested for approved funds as outlined below on a first come, first served basis.

Learn more about the program and download application and reimbursement forms: 

To request reimbursement, please complete the Workforce Sustainability Reimbursement Form and include the required supporting documentation for the corresponding reimbursement item listed below. Requests will be approved by Lucas DD within two weeks, and checks will be issued from Lucas County. Agency providers can request multiple reimbursements, but we ask you to limit requests to one request form per month. Lucas DD will evaluate this program each quarter to determine impact and/or if we need to shift incentives.  

Funds must be used to support DSPs and nursing staff that are serving individuals in Lucas County who also receive services from Lucas DD. If you have a specific request that falls outside the guidelines above or any questions related to the Workforce Sustainability Incentive Program, please email

This initiative is only one piece of the solution. There is no quick or simple fix to this crisis as providers and county boards of DD across Ohio confront staffing shortages right now. We continue to partner with providers, other county boards, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, and our statewide trade association on long-term solutions to the DSP crisis.

The five reimbursement categories are:


Lucas DD will reimburse a DODD waiver certified agency provider a flat rate of $700 per DSP as along as March 1, 2022 is within the first 180 days of employment as a DSP. This flat rate covers training costs, background checks, and the DSPs time taken to complete this work.   Following 180 days of employment, the hiring agency will confirm with Lucas DD that the newly-hired employee has retained employment during those 180 days. 

Click here to download the DSP New Hire Training Reimbursement Form

Supporting documentation needed:


The nursing grant funds will cover up to 30% of the gross payroll costs or contracted personnel costs associated with nursing services a DODD waiver certified agency incurs.  Claimed nursing services cannot be reimbursable by any other grant or program, such as Medicaid Waiver Nursing or Waiver Delegated Nursing through the Department of Medicaid.  ICF/IID’s are not eligible for this reimbursement. 

Click here to download the Nursing Grant Fund Reimbursement Form

Supporting documentation needed:

  • Workforce Sustainability Incentive Program Request Form
  • Must be established at Lucas County Vendor
  • Agency payroll records showing hours/gross wages paid for each staff providing nursing services, OR;
  • Copy of paid invoice paid to contracted nursing staff/agency.
  • A copy of nursing license which corresponds to payroll or contract invoice agency is claiming


The longevity add-on allows an additional $1.56 to each hour billed of HPC. To be eligible for the add on, a DSP must have at least two years working in the DD field and have completed 60 hours of CEUs through DirectCourse. For DSPs that meet these criteria, Lucas DD will offer a reimbursement of $900 to cover the cost of the employee’s time completing the coursework. If a DSP works for more than one agency, they are only eligible for the reimbursement one time.  Funds are to be paid out to the DSP through agency payroll and will be reimbursed by Lucas DD.

Click here to download the DSP Longevity Add-On Form

Supporting documentation needed: 



If a DSP is currently enrolled as a student at University of Toledo, Lourdes University, Bowling Green State University, Owens Community College, Davis College, Stautzenberger College or other college/university approved by the Lucas DD Superintendent, works 200 hours per semester (spring or fall) in Lucas County, they will be eligible for $1,000 towards their respective college tuition paid directly to the higher education college the following semester. The  DSP Higher Education Incentive Form will be accepted after enrollment for the semester. Once the DSP Higher Education Incentive Form is submitted, an email will be sent to the student's email address provided on the form with the determination of the approval.  Student must have worked for a DODD waiver certified agency. 

Click here to download the Student Work Incentive Reimbursement Form

Supporting documentation needed:

  • Payroll detailing 200 hours of DSP work at a DODD waiver certified agency 
  • College or University quarter/semester grades (to show completion of courses- no minimum grade qualifications)



Due to the DSP workforce crisis, many DSPs are working excessive hours. Lucas DD will reimburse a DODD waiver certified agency providers for the half-time paid to DSPs as this is not reimbursable by Medicaid.

Click here to download the Half-Time Reimbursement Form

Supporting documentation needed:

Providers who are not currently in the Lucas County system as a vendor are encouraged to begin the process right away so there is no delay in reimbursement. Here is the link and instructions to start the vendor creation process: If you have questions, please contact us at


*Adult Day/Employment services providers are not eligible for reimbursement for overtime or DSP longevity add-on.

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