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DODD Category ONE Certification Course Delegated Nursing

The Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities is proud to offer a DODD Category ONE Certification Course Delegated Nursing free of charge to area Providers and their Direct Care staff. The 2-day trainings will be at our Larc Lane Training Center. To achieve certification, you must attend both days of the 2-day course. Click here to sign up. Questions? Reach out to Board Nursing Supervisor Amy Annarino at

Presenters: Amy Annarino RN-MEd, LCBDD Nursing Supervisor. Weekend classes will be taught by Deb Maloy, RN.

Class times: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • Jan. 10-11 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • Jan. 21-22 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Feb. 11-12 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Feb. 14-15 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • March 14-15 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • March 18-19 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • April 8-9 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • April 11-12 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • May 9-10 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • May 13-14 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • June 10-11 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • June 20-21 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Requirements: Must be over 18, employed by a Provider, have a GED or high school diploma, and be BCI Fingerprinted.

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