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Lucas County Board of DD Launches Tech Hub

For some, technology is simply a nice to have. A want. Not a need.

For others, it’s a definitely a need. A must have of the latest and greatest.

For those with developmental disabilities, technology is neither a want or a need. Technology is absolutely vital to health and safety, and improving quality of life, independence, and personal freedom.

That’s why the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities is proud to launch a Tech Hub right here on our South Toledo campus.

It’s all part of a Tech First collaborative consisting of Board employees, DODD representatives, Ohio Tech Ambassadors and community partnering agencies. The main drive behind the LCBDD Tech Hub was providing a space where our support specialists, providers, individuals and their families an opportunity to explore a variety of technology options in person.

Think of it as an Apple Store with modifications made so it looks like someone’s home to get a better sense of the technology’s functionality. We want to make it easy for people to feel and see how these products can help to ultimately increase independence and provide personal freedom.

Medminders, Emergency Response Systems, voice activated devices and Remote Supports are available to see, touch, and try within the hub. The always changing selection has everything from a Ring camera to an Alexa-enabled television, light bulb, and microwave, to alarm clocks for the hearing impaired. Funding options can be explored to help support individuals’ needs for this technology.

As part of the Technology First initiative, many county boards throughout Ohio have established some type of a tech area such as a smart home model or a lending library. Lucas County will continue to assess technology needs and adjust as needed to ensure our goal of helping individuals reach their full potential is always top of mind.

Want to see more? Want to learn about the latest in adaptive technology? Want to try before you buy to make sure it’s a good fit? Tours are already being scheduled! To see the Tech Hub for yourself, email Heather Burke, Assistive Technology & Remote Support Specialist here at the Board.

The Tech Hub will continue to have the latest and greatest tech and we will cycle through trends or products so that we are continuing to provide new resources. We have a partnered with Wynn-Reeth, Angel Sense and Dose Health, who have provided us with assistive technology and remote supports solutions. 

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