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Self-Advocacy Webinar

The Center for Disability Empowerment is having a 2-part session with breakouts to help your person be a self-advocate. Join presenter Joshua Young, Director of Operations, and a person with lived experience, for these presentations geared towards teens with DD and their supporter/parent/guardian.
Description of each presentation:
1. May 24, 2023, 6-7:30pm In our first presentation, teens and their supporters will learn about self-determination and why it’s important. Then, we’ll look at some ways to gain more self-determination in our lives.
A. Intro
B. Self-Determination Definition a. Control b. Capability c. Connections
C. Tools & Resources a. One-Pager (Self-Awareness) b. Goal Plan
D. Real Life Examples
E. Summary & Questions/Feedback Session
2. May 31, 2023, 6-7:30pm In our second presentation we will use the ideas we learned about and practice making decisions by using gamification (playing games to learn). Teens will work with supporters to navigate decisions in a fictional setting. Finally, we’ll talk about ways we can use our new skills in real life.
A. Intro & Review
B. Decision-Making 1. SODAS Method
C. Using Games to Learn 1. Desert Island 2. Who Wants to be a Decision-Maker 3. Choose Your Own Adventure
D. Summary & Questions/Feedback
Reasonable Accommodations must be requested 5 days before each meeting. Contact Deb Petermann 615-575-8055
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